How Smart are You?

How Smart are You?

Do you have what it takes to be a Quizzo Champion? At 10:00, every Tuesday night at Ryan’s Pub, the smartest barflies in West Chester come together in a game of intelligence, wits and of course… drinks.

Who is the Phillies’ all time home run leader? What year did Benjamin Franklin make his kite experiment? What is the most western European capital?

Teams compete by answering trivia questions of increasing difficulty. After each round, scores are read aloud and at the end of the night the winning team walks away with prizes that change every week. Topics range from movie trivia, sports, fashion, history and everything in between.

If you ever wanted to be on a game show, here is your chance to get a little practice. Competition is fierce, yet fun, and winners can walk away with anything from Coors Light shirts to free beer. Even if you don’t come out on top, you will still have a great time and at least be able to prove you are the smartest person you know.

Are you a walking Wikipedia? Gather your smartest friends and come down to Ryan’s Pub and test your intellectual mettle.

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