How to Cook with Fused-Flavor Olive Oils

How to Cook with Fused-Flavor Olive Oils

It’s amazing what a pinch of salt or a drop of lemon juice can do to a dish but have you ever thought of what a fused-flavor olive oil can do?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been around for thousands of years and in recent years has become a staple in the American kitchen. It has many uses when it comes to cooking including sauteing, browning, stir-frying, and even deep-frying. Increase your staple selection by introducing fused-flavor olive oils into your kitchen.

Imagine this, you are meeting the family of your significant other for the first time and you are in charge of cooking and want to make a good impression. The chicken and asparagus are roasting and the quinoa salad is done but the meal is missing something, but what? If only you had a bottle of blood orange olive oil heated with a bit of butter to drizzle over the meal as the cherry on top. We can’t guarantee they’ll love you but they sure will love your cooking.

Whether it’s a first impression meal, fresh summer salad, or left-overs that need a punch, fused-flavor olive oils will do the trick every time. A Taste Of Olive gives you the selection to bring any and every meal together with a simple ingredient.

I love the Sorrento Lemon EVOO to had a citrus kick. What’s your favorite?

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