Training Classes at Toby’s K9 Camp

Training Classes at Toby’s K9 Camp

You love your dog, and there isn’t much you wouldn’t do for your pooch. Then there are the days when you come home from work to find your shoes chewed up and a heaping, warm “present” in the kitchen. Getting a dog to behave can be a difficult process depending on the individual pup. However, most of us aren’t very educated in the art of dog behavior.

Toby’s K-9 Kamp has years of experience in dog training. Whether you need to curb bad behavior or just want your puppy to learn a few new tricks, the seasoned trainers can teach even a stubborn dog.

The training classes benefit your dog’s physical and social well being greatly. Spending time with trained handlers will make them more comfortable with other humans. Plus, all the interaction with the other lovable dogs can improve their attitude with other animals.

The Kamp has 2 spacious indoor pens and a fenced outdoor area, with ample room for the dogs to run and frolic. Exercise is especially important for active breeds, and dog that releases all of its pent up energy will be much more enjoyable to be around and better behaved.

If you think your dog isn’t getting enough attention at home, or if you think your precious little nightmare could use some obedience training, why not give Toby’s K-9 Kamp a visit? One look at all of the dogs and you won’t want to leave.

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