Waste Oil Recyclers help local restaurants convert their used cooking oil into biofuel.

Waste Oil Recyclers help local restaurants convert their used cooking oil into biofuel.

There are several ways for restaurants and food producers to get rid of their used cooking oil. The best outcome is for the waste oil to be collected, processed, and recycled. That’s exactly what Waste Oil Recyclers does to help local restaurants. And best of all, there’s no cost to the restaurant owner!

Founders, Jim Bricker and Brendan Steer, decided to start a company that both solved a need (collecting used fryer oil from restaurants) and met their ideals on stewardship of our economic and environmental resources. You see, the quick and easy way of disposing of used cooking oil is to incinerate it. Waste Oil Recyclers decided there had to be a better way–recycling all of that used cooking oil into biofuel, which helps to reduce emissions.

Through diligence and sticking to their ideals, Waste Oil Recyclers have turned their startup into a first-class operation that serves thousands of customers across four states. The secret to their success? They vowed to treat employees, customers and business partners with nothing but the utmost respect. And they’ve done that well. They also wanted to make a difference in the way people think about recycling and the future of our planet. They’ve done that well, too.

Here are the reasons so many restaurants are signing on with Waste Oil Recyclers.

  • Customer Service: A hallmark of their company, Waste Oil Recyclers collection process is fast and reliable. Their professional technicians arrive in state-of-the-art trucks, using vacuum technology that keeps the recovery of the oil from getting messy.
  • They know when waste oil containers are getting full before you do:  Waste Oil Recyclers knew that just showing up to collect oil wasn’t enough. Restaurant owners and managers already have their plates full. Having the used cooking oil containers full shouldn’t be something additional to worry about. So Jim and Brendan developed software that tracks cooking oil usage patterns. One less thing for restaurants to deal with.
  • Waste Oil Recyclers Gives Back to their communities: The Coatesville Youth Initiative (CYI) is a non-profit organization committed to youth-led, community transformation. They train youth leaders, improve relationships, and help with collaboration efforts in the community. Waste Oil Recyclers founded The Mogreena Garden Project as another way to give back to the community. They grow plant material provided by the Chester County Food Bank, and donate the produce back to the community.