Your First Appointment with a Chiropractor

Your First Appointment with a Chiropractor

It’s Okay to Feel Nervous

There’s a first time for everything. It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous about doing something new no matter what it is. What about your first visit to the chiropractor? What can you expect? Jester Family Chiropractic understands that not knowing what’s going to happen can add to the nervousness factor.


Their cozy office will put you at ease

Your first visit will be a simple consultation and exam. When you arrive you’ll be asked to fill out a patient intake form just like any other doctor. You can fill out the form ahead of time by printing it out here. You’ll then meet with one of the licensed doctors and talk about your conditions and your concerns. This is when your doctor will learn the most about you. Make sure to talk about current health as well as any past injuries or physical trauma you might have experienced to your back and spine. They’ll ask you describe any pain (dull, sharp, throbbing, etc.) This is also when you’ll set a goal for your back health/comfort.

During the exam your doctor will finish your physical evaluation and locate areas of discomfort or pain. They may require a few non-invasive diagnostic tests to further understand your physical condition such as x-rays, thermal scans, and simply have you move in a certain way. Because every patient is different, these extra tests can provide valuable information for treating any discomfort or pain.


That’s all you’ll need to do. Really. Now that your doctor has collected all the information they’ll need, they can review the findings. During your second visit your doctor will diagnose the cause, if it was unknown, and a game plan will be set into motion to correct your problem. Jester Family Chiropractic is there to help you with your back and spinal health. Their treatment plans are designed to get you feeling back to normal in the optimal amount of time with the lowest expense.

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